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Track:Your Look
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:The sun is shining through the window
So I will enjoy my life
I hear that a softly wind blows
Eat something for breakfast
Today it must be like yesterday
Summertime is the nicest
Do what I do cos it's my way
Sun fun nothing to do
It's a wonderful day
When the night comes we're at the beach
And celebrate holiday
I'm lying at the beach
I feel the sun is shining on me
I dream that I could it reach
I know at this beach I am free
Now I'm gonna swimming
There's nothing I like more than the sea
This day should never ending
Look between the waves, it's me
Sun fun nothing to do
It's a wonderful day
When the night comes we're at the beach
And celebrate holiday
I wake up feel just bad
Outside it's snowing in a fast way
With this weather I'll be mad
Hate nothing like a winter day
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