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Track:leave me
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Why weren't you the one who tugged me in bed last night
Why wouldn't you give me a hug to say goodnight
Am i not worthy for your love this is hurting me from the inside
I know i'm not cute enough for you're love because my outside

Why are you hurting me with those bad words coming out of you're mouth
Makes me wanna go crazy wanna scream and shout
But i miss you but you don't miss me anymore
Yeah i've saided it all before


Love is hurting me like a bang on my head with a stone
Feeling all the moments so alone
Hitting some tunes on my guitar
Somedays i dream of becoming a star
But that's not for me
It wasn't ment to be

I've a memory back in my mind
One you'll never find
It's a memory about a girl kissing a boy and she says i love you
Remember that no you won't because you wanted to forget don't you

How did this fell apart?
Why do i have a broken heart
Is this normal to feel?
Is this a nightmare or is this for real?

There are feelings i take to my grave
Am i in danger Or am i save
Let me know if you love me
Or will you leave me
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