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Viewing Lyrics for Congratulations:

Artist:Simon Paul
Album:Paul Simon
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Oh, seems like you've done it again
And I ain't had such misery
Since I don't know when
Oh, and I don't know when, oh, and I don't know when

I notice so many people
Slipping away
And many more waiting in the lines
In the courtrooms today
In the courtrooms today

Love is not a game
Love is not a toy
Love's no romance
Love will do you in
And love will wash you out
And needless to say
You won't stand a chance, you won't stand a chance

I'm hungry for learning
Won't you answer me please
Can a man a woman
Live together in peace
Oh, live together in peace
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Taken from the album  by Simon Paul
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    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Congratulations · Paul Simon / ???? Paul Simon ? 1972 Sony Music Entertainment Released on: ...

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    Simply Simon Track 8 - Congratulations

    Live in Los Angeles, 1973.

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    From Album "Paul Simon"

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    Congratulations (Paul Simon cover)

    Cover of one of my favorite Paul Simon songs played at Selkirk College in October, 2008.

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    Puppet on a String/Congratulations - Phil Coulter | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One

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    Congratulations (Paul Simon cover)

    Una versión aproximada de "Congratulations", de Paul Simon.

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    Yogscast Congratulations No copyright intended.

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    Congratulations(cover) Paul Simon

    Congratulations, one of the great masterpieces of Paul Simon in his early solo career. Paul Simon??????"???????????"???????

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