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Viewing Lyrics for Bada Boom:

Artist:Shut Up And Dance
Track:Bada Boom
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Bada Boom Baby
Bada Boom Baby
Bada Boom Baby

[Singing, Rapping Style]
Watch the Boom Box
Watch everything go boom
(Can you explode that like me?)
You don't know how to
explode stuff like me

Explode stuff like me
Watch it go...
(Go Bada Boom)

[Little Kid Speaking]
When I grow up I want
to explode stuff cause I can
Bada Boom, I wanna be
cool like you! Bada Boom

[Singing, Rapping Style]
Listen Kid
You got's no skill
Everything you say
is just pathetic

[Whispering crazily]

[Little Kid Speaking]
Why not?

Bada Boom Baby
Bada Boom Baby
Bada Boom Baby

[Little Kid Speaking]
Answer me!

Bada Boom Baby
Bada Boom Baby

[Singing, Rapping Style]
Listen kid
You got no game
Only if you rap me in the
next part of this song
Don't wear a thong
to the song
Competition or I gonna kick
you! Take your pick
you disgusting creature

[Little Kid Speaking]
When will we have our
Rap Battle?

[Music Stops. Speaking]
Never kid!

[Music comes on again. Singing]
Bada Boom Baby
Bada Boom Baby
Watch that kid go boom

[Little Kid Speaking]
No! NOOOOO!!!!

[Singing with exploding sounds in background]
Bada Boom Baby
Bada Boom Baby
Bada Boom Baby

[Music Stops. Speaking]
I'm done...but I'm
never done making things
go Bada Boom!
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