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Viewing Lyrics for Bert And Ernies Other Blackout:

Artist:Sesame Street
Track:Bert And Ernies Other Blackout
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Ernie: Bert? Bert, it's dark.

Bert (rolls over): Ernie, did you wake me up just to tell me it's dark?

Ernie: Yeah, Bert, it's really dark.

Bert: Well, of course it's dark, Ernie. It's supposed to be dark. It's night out.

Ernie: No, Bert, I mean it's really dark. (Goes to the window.) See, the lights are all out on Sesame Street.

Bert (goes to the window): Hey, you're right, Ernie, it's really dark. I wonder why it's so dark ... Oh, I know what it is.

Ernie: Why is it so dark, Bert?

Bert: It's probably a blackout.

Ernie: Well, what's a blackout, Bert?

Bert: Well ... well, that's when the electric company has a breakdown, and then all the lights go out, 'cause you need electricity for lights. But they're probably trying to fix it, so just go to bed, Ernie. Nothing to do about it. (Goes back to bed.)

Ernie (pauses, still standing by the window): Bert ... are you scared of the dark, Bert?

Bert (sleepily): No, Ernie, I'm not scared of the dark.

Ernie (goes to Bert's bed after another pause and starts tapping him): Bert ... Bert? As long as it's a blackout, Bert, how about we watch television?

Bert (irritated): Ernie ... (Sits up in bed.) Stop hitting me, Ernie! (Ernie stops.) Let me tell me you something. You can not watch television, because television needs electricity. And we don't have any electricity because of the blackout. So just go to sleep, Ernie. (Lies down.)

Ernie (starts shaking Bert after another pause): How about we listen to the radio, Bert?

Bert (sitting up): Ernie, it's the same thing with the radio! The radio needs electricity, just like the TV set. And we have no electricity because of the blackout. So just please
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