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Viewing Lyrics for My Home:

Artist:Sesame Street
Track:My Home
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Muppet One:
My home's in the city on the 19th floor
You may think that's high but there's 19 more
There's lots of apartments everywhere you go
There are people on top and traffic below
You can hear buses beeping and the neighbor's TV
You can say it's noisy but it's home sweet home to me

Muppet Two:
My home's in the jungle in a wooden hut
There are trees around it and wood to cut
Lots of noise to hear, the birds and monkeys shriek
And we see our mailman every other week
Now to folks other places it seems far away
You can call it jungle but it's home and where I'll stay

Muppet Three:
My home is an igloo and it's made of ice
You may think it's chilly but it's paradise
We have furs and blankets there to keep us warm
We can sing and play through any winter storm
We have friends who keep saying we should move down to Nome
But we'll never do it 'cause we love our igloo home

A home could be a castle or a little shack
A home could be near water or a railroad track
A home can be of brick and steel or of grass you know
A home can be an igloo made of ice and snow
No matter what your house is like, whatever it may be
It always is a home sweet home for kids like you and me!
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