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Viewing Lyrics for Only Chance:

Artist:Said Affection
Album:Only Chance
Track:Only Chance
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Remember that day
I sat with you along the beachfront
Talking new changes
Guys and girls about the past time

Everybody seemed to laugh
Soon enough will show them
How we made it
Now its gone its just the past
If something happened id be right there for you

Your Ok
Where Ok
Its Ok
With No Reason

This might be my only chance with you
Ill take it while its there
Im so in love

Looking at you when
You had the obligations to fill
Drinking beer and wine and
Spending special moments with you

Suddenly you began to smile
You friends all laugh along
Like we just told a joke
It was all for the best
Not regrets but now special memories

Your Ok
Where Ok
Its Ok
With No Reason

This might be my only chance with you
Ill take it while its there
Im so in love

Looking back at then to see what happened
Feelings inside me like I always let you down
Uptight and selfish
Please take me back
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