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Track:This Playboy
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:(Lil' Bow Wow)
Uh ha, yeah
Uh ha, oh
My name is Bow Wow check me out now

Uh-ohh, you then crossed the line
Beware of the dog is right there on the sign
You gotta muscle now, get em up and um
Put em up don't drop em
To the ceiling let, me see you get crunk bounce
Ugh, it will never be another one
Wit his style he' pound oh bow wow
From the eighteenth letter
And this Playboy representin it forever
Can't no body do it better?
Never, when-ever, where-ever, who-ever
However who-ever touch you'll never breath again ever
So whatever
I'm a pass the mic down to the B-O-W W-O-W you
You in trouble

(Lil' Bow Wow)
Uh, ain't nothing like a young cat wit his mind right
And a lime like chasing a dream
At the same time making some cream
Nickname 'Scary', cause I know how to make em scream
(Is that right?) Every time I'm seen, I'm full of flash
Every time I'm out pockets full of cash
And about my crew ain't no need to ask
We steady, steady keep puttin' down a smash
I was a thing thing before I be 17
I know that market folds instead of cones of ice cream.
And that's why I don't care who you are
When it come to the beat you gotta raise the bar because…

Chorus: (JD)

This playboy, he gets crunk
Keep that bang off in the truck
With a nick-nac-paddy-whack, throw me a bone
An this playboy gon' bring it ya heard me

(Big Duke)
Ugh ha
Yes sir
Now Think bout the lock down these holds southeast
Pull cards like teeth lang names like a reef
I wish one of you bustas would spark some beef
I swear to god it's goin' be hard
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