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Album:On My Charade
Track:Sad Girl
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:For many years her virgin ears
Have sided with her eyes
Misled by one whose only fun
Is mastering disguise
The silent love she's dreaming of
In troubled wait still lies
Her only goal to share her soul
With him before she dies

Afraid of risking everything
For something that's not there
Afraid of missing out on things
That undermine despair
Afraid to trust, afraid she must
Be unable to share
Afraid that all her fantasies
Will vanish in the air

Sad girl, don't you understand
To dream is to explore
No one ever crossed the sea
Without leaving the shore
Take a chance, embrace romance
It's just outside your door
And know that soon, beneath the moon
You'll be in love once more
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Taken from the album  by Rain
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