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Artist:Railroad Dikers
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:She’s as blonde as a desert
That melts me away
Let’s me drown in the flood
While she stands in the rain
And her mouth is the army
That conquers my soul
And when she cracks a smile
She puts me out of control

She’s the sign
That leads me off track
And her hand is the ice
That’s running down my back
She makes you turn your head
When she comes ‘round
And when she fixes you
It’s like the sky comes falling down

Oh, I’m drowning in your eyes
Oh, I’m drowning in your eyes
So could you leave me alone
I don’t know what to do
Well I’m out of my head
If I’d stay with you
‘Cause I’m drowning
Yes, I’m drowning
Yes, I’m drowning in your eyes

Her lips whisper like a gunman
In the backseat of my car
Says things that once were sacred,
Don’t mean nothing at all
And her room is the jail
For my brightest fantasy
And her voice is like a phone call
Of a bitter enemy

When you feel high
She’s gonna pull you down
And if Satan is the king
Then she is the crown
And when it’s much too late to realize
She’s the chance passed by
Before you even start to try

Oh, I’m drowning
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