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Track:The Thin Line
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Chris DeGarmo/Geoff Tate/Michael Wilton)

Another hungry look in her eyes again
Pacing the floor
The hunt begins
Skin-tight leather provides my pleasure
Wake my fear, surge wit the pressure
Walk away and leave forever, do I dare?

Raise my eyes, she stands
Holding out healing hands...are you happy now?

I walk the thin line for you
Do just what you say to
With fear as my friend
I walk the thin line one more time for you

Addictive face pretending, don't speak the word
Forbidden sin relenting, I barely heard...
Screams of entry blur my vision
Wake my fear of divine intervention
Crawl away and bleed forever, if you dare
Hand on mouth the game goes on
Love, our stage to play upon
Are you happy now?

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