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Track:Segue 11
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:U like the food here?
Good, huh?
(It's alright)
Try the canolli, it's fabulous
(I'm kinda full, alright)
U gonna eat that meatball there?
U, U just gonna let it...
Maybe girl made some food out here
Here, give it 2 me
U're not gonna eat it
(At least not now)
Mmm, let's see what I can get up here 2 grease on
Mmm, yeah
Best meatball in the city
What are U doin' there?
Hmm, this might work
(Give it 2 me, I'll eat it)
Lemme see, mmm
So tell me, U like broads?
(They're alright, I...)
Boy, have I got a broad story 4 U
Yeah, some corn, yeah
Let's see, uh
I'm on a date with this broad, right?
Lets' see, stove top directions, uh
I bring her here
Yeah, right here
I thought I'd put some food in her belly
Empty contents into small sauce pan, hmm
U know, get a little curve in her slope
U know what I'm sayin?
Now let me go see if I can find one of these muthafuckers, hmm
(Oh, gosh)
So I'm like "Go ahead toots, order what U like, it's on me"
Make her think I'm a big shot, U know
I said "So order, order somethin' 4 me 2
I'm gonna run 2 the little boys room
Hmm, shit, that definitely ain't no sauce pan
I gotta burp the baby
Mmm, that ain't no sauce pan
U know what I'm sayin'?"
I figured she'd order me somethin' light
Let me see if I can find this shit
Like a couple of salads or somethin'
Boy, was that a mistake
I comes back from the bathroom
Alright, got it, got it
I'm sittin' there
Ah, that's cool
Waitin' 4 the food -
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