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Album:Emancipation (Cd 3
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Everybody keeps tryin' 2 break my heart
Everybody except 4 me
I just want a chance 2 play the part
The part of someone truly free

Like candle slowly burning, I can feel my world unravel
Hemisphere upon hemisphere lie beneath my soul, soul
My enemies kept it turning, but now they pound the gavel
And judging me accordingly, I know, I know


Hey! {x3}

Burning slowly candle, handle careless they did
Merrily down 3 heartbreak boulevards
Like fashion statements, they lie "U be lookin' so good 2night, kid"
I do my best 2 party, it's just that everybody keeps tryin' 2 break my

Except 4 me (Except 4 me)
I just want a chance 2 play

(Just wanna be free)

Slowly candle burns, where'd they learn hypnosis?
How'd they keep me under 4 so long?
Break the bread I earn, just keep me far from closest
I need their kind 2 illustrate what's wrong - what's wrong?

Well, I'll tell U they just keep tryin' 2 break my heart (CHORUS)
They just keep tryin' 2 break my heart, ow!

(Everybody) {x2}


But I can't let U break my heart

(Everybody keeps tryin' 2 break my heart)
Slave! (Everybody keeps tryin' 2 break my heart)
Slave! Slave! (Everybody keeps tryin' 2 break my heart)

(c) 1996 Emancipation Music - ASCAP
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