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Viewing Lyrics for Me Touch Myself:

Track:Me Touch Myself
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:As I awake this lonely mornin'
I do thank God that U were born
And I picture us on furry floors
And I like it so me touch myself

I prayed that I could have U all 2 myself
So U came 4 me and no one else
Now my heart beats wild 4 U I melt
I want U so me touch myself

Me touch myself, me touch myself
Until U and I can truly melt
Every morning me touch myself

This power that U have is unexplainable
If I could live without U honey - debatable
I'm not used 2 this feeling of unstable
Come and get me before me touch myself


Like ice I will become until U come 4 me
No one ever will warm me, I'll be cold as can be
I need the pictures only U and I can see
I need U so me touch myself
I bleed 4 U and me touch myself
U planted the seed, now me touch myself
It's a shame indeed, now me touch myself
Me touch myself


I.. I.. I will finally free
Come and get me and U'll see
I'll be like others never be
Ooh wee, baby, U make me touch myself

Oh baby, me touch myself
Me touch myself {repeat 2 fade
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Taken from the album  by Prince
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