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Album:The Rainbow Children
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:"There's a place I want 2 go/Where the milk and honey flow
Without God it wasn't there/Now I feel it Everywhere"

When I was lost and couldn't c my way/I used 2 follow what everybody say
Now I know that it's written in the heart/Now I'm ready, ready 2 start

Without God it wasn't there/Now I feel it Everywhere

We were always meant 2 b/In paradise eternally
B4 the truth I did not care/Now I feel it Everywhere

Feel it, feel it Everywhere/Feel it, feel it/Can u feel it?
This might good feeling Everywhere/We've got so much work 2 do. Everywhere
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Taken from the album  by Prince
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    Everywhere / The Work - Prince (HQ)

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    Feyi Flow feat. Culture Prince - Everywhere

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    DJ Prince - Everywhere (Prod. By Berkawitz)

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    "Money Everywhere" Drewskee ft. Lucky & Prince

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