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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:you crazy baby bathsheba, i wancha
you're suffocating you need a good shed
i'm tired of living, shebe, so gimme

we're apin' rapin' tapin' catharsis
you get torn down and get erected
my blood is working but my, my heart is

whaddyah know?
you're lovely
tan belly
is starting to grow

uriah hit the crapper, the crapper
uriah hit the crapper, the crapper
uriah hit the crapper, the crapper
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Taken from the album  by Pixies
  1. Thumbnail 2:22

    Pixies - Dead

    Pixies - Dead.

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  2. Thumbnail 2:43

    Pixies - Dead - Snub TV 1989

    Snub TV - Channel MePablo.

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  3. Thumbnail 2:31

    Pixies - Dead ( subtitulada en español)

    Video cásero de unarrosalforn sobre la canción DEAD de Los Pixies. Del Lp Doolittle 1989©4AD. Fuente Wikypedia: Dos canciones de Doolittle tratan...

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  4. Thumbnail 5:10

    Pixies Dead, I bleed, Snub TV BBC session 1989

    The Pixies are an American band formed in Boston in 1985.The Pixies' music was influenced by punk and surf rock, and while highly melodic, was ca...

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  5. Thumbnail 2:23

    Horror Movie Montage ("Dead" by the Pixies)

    For the updated version of this video in HD, click this link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrhRiBN7tJI Just a little something i whipped up f...

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  6. Thumbnail 2:22

    Dead - The Pixies

    Dead by the Pixies, the sixth song off the very influential album "Doolittle" which was released in 1989. Lyrics: You crazy baby bathsheba, I wan...

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    Pixies - Dead Live

    Pixies perform Dead live at The Eurockeenes Festival in Belfort, France.

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  8. Thumbnail 2:32
  9. Thumbnail 1:28

    The Pixies - Dead (Alternate version)

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  10. Thumbnail 1:32

    pixies - Dead - Live At The BBC

    Pixies Dead Live at the BBC.

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