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Viewing Lyrics for Back for good now:

Artist:P. DIDDY
Track:Back for good now
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:ft. Black Rob & Loon

[P. Diddy]
Uhh, yeah, you know what it is

[Black Rob]
Aiyyo, back on the scene
Aint nuthin changed
Still doin wild things
Whippin something mean
The whole shorts in the Rolls Royce is off
For sure, bouncin the bar on my next world tour
When we hit the sick, Im the cure
We bout to pop it off so wild, hit the floor
Aint nobody botherin you
All Im thinkin bout is clobberin you
Immigration always sayin Im harboring a few
Illegal aliens
Females, mostly Latins and Israeli-ans
The top story, evening news
Im the shit, they been decieving you
Drop the roof on the Coupe DVille
Shoot to kill
Ask niggas, Duke is real
Stay lookin for the loot to steal
He determined
Dont try to touch Bad Boy, cause we burnin
I want my glory
Duke is not a joke, and I aint got ?
Everytime I grab the mic its with the sole intent
To rip shots and give you 2OO percent
Man, Im tired of doin dirt
Tired of being on the the run from Wyatt Earp
Rather be somewhere in a quiet church, sayin prayers
Not only sayin mine, but sayin theirs
Thats cause my dawgs aint there

[Chorus: x2]
The more hits we make, more money to burn
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