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Viewing Lyrics for 12-Bit Lifestyle:

Artist:Off Topic
Track:12-Bit Lifestyle
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:I'm on top
Of my business
So spare me your witness accounts
Of what I should do
Of what I should not
Of what I've become
How 'bout yourself?
Look at yourself
We can't even talk no more, you say
Well I never shut up, so I guess you're not listening
You never let up on your preaching
Can you accept that I'm the one speaking?
Can you accept that I'm the one teaching now?
I'm always working, locked in a room
Seems so alien to you
You don't understand why I do what I do
You don't understand what I go through
All this just to hold a mirror up in your face
So tell me friend
Just what's so great about the roads I didn't take?
You're holding back, tell me about mistakes
Nothing's worse that that silent stare
Your holding hostage in your conscience
Roll around in your fucking money
And question my morality
Excuse me if I laugh outwardly
And cry on the inside
For it's not me, it's you who's died
It's not me who's chosen such devotion to a promise
From a concept made to control your eager mind
I've found my answers deep inside the samplers
Where you're afraid to wander

They don't understand 'cause they're quick to judge a devil
They don't wanna know 'cause it's way beyond their level
But now they're all exposed to the infected child
This is my 12-bit lifestyle

I'm underground
And I like it that way
Don't get me wrong, I wanna make money
But something about controlling your own destiny just appeals to me
I guess I would sign, yeah I would sign
See I've got this record and no one can take it from me now
So from here on out you can hunt me down
But I don't wanna be
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