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Viewing Lyrics for Freedom Lika Shopping Cart:

Album:Heavy Petting Zoo
Track:Freedom Lika Shopping Cart
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:A Christian an anarchist slash prostitute
figures out the true meaning of freedom
Not freedom like America freedom like a shopping cart
Kick back no tense you got a bag of grub
cost you about 50 cents
No fear no fuckin feat
malt liquor tastes much better on the street
Crustin, a way of life for heroines and heroes
had hitchhike the road to Eden
Not Eden like the garden state
Eden like the state of mind
Kick back cheap thrills
you'll do anything for a laugh even if it kills you
The bridge you took it out
the ticket takers suddenly lost count
Sleeping under rays
your teeth crumbling away say goodbye
To all responsibility you never wanted it man
Wasting time whenever you get the chance
Which happens to be all the time
Kick back free meals
A couple of times a day you make a coupe if shady deals
No work no fuckin pay
Cardboard condominium by the bay
You're between the red & black and you're never goin' back
To all responsibility cause
You never wanted it man
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Taken from the album  by Nofx
  1. Thumbnail 3:44

    NOFX - Freedom Lika Shopping Cart

    NOFX - Freedom Lika Shopping Cart.

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    NOFX - "Freedom Like A Shopping Cart" (Full Album Stream)

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    NoFX - Freedom Lika Shopping Cart music video

    homemade music video, like homemade lemonade.

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    Freedom Like A Shopping Cart

    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Freedom Like A Shopping Cart · NOFX Heavy Petting Zoo ? 1995 Epitaph Composer: Mike Burkett ...

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    Freedom like a shopping cart - NOFX - Drum Cover

    I do not own this song.

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    Freedom Lika Shopping Cart (NOFX guitar cover)

    From the album Heavy Petting Zoo (1996) Tuning: E standard (EADGBE)

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    freedom lika shopping cart

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    nofx "freedom lika shopping cart"

    nofx "freedom lika shopping cart"

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