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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:A Stale Organic Cage.
I'm In The Stranger: Me.
(Lost In Corporeal Inanity)
The User Of My Face;
Beneath Its Guise I Rot.
A Paradox In Terms.
(I Am Now What I'm Not)
Interconnected, Fused.
My Words Are Its Thoughts.
I Now Share My Self With My Reflection.
Straining To Divide Our Twined Formation.
Duality Within Singularity.

(I'm Forlorn In My Own Withering Soul,
Racked By Continuous Waves Of Dissolution
My Gemini Mind The Creator Of The Undulation.
I Strain To Untangle These Malignant Bonds,
To Become Again The One That I Was)

Coalescence Done,
The Merging Complete,
The Sentence Carried Out.
(I'm Condemned For Eternity)
The Confluence,
Our Interwound Flows;
Surges Not To Be Fused.
(Now Combined, Intertwined)
In This Mental Cage We Absorb Our Selves.
The Only Certainty Is My Suffering.
My Mind In Constant Pleas For An End To This Concatenation.
A Struggle All In Vain,
We're Both The Same.

(A Withering Soul Torn By The Attempts Of Regeneration.
My Gemini Mind The Obstacle Of My Redemption.
I Strain To Elude The Face Of My Other Self.
To Become Again The One That I Was)

Plug Me In, Reconnect Me To My Self.
Plug Me In, Reconnect Me To My Soul.

Gone Are All My Hopes,
All My Vain Illusions.
Deceived I Dwell In Me.
In The Core Of My Agony.
I Fade In This Duress.
I'm Weakening.
The One Who Claimed My Front Is Now The Claimant Of My Soul.

(A Withering Soul Torn By This Antipolar Mental Integration.
My Divided Mind A System Split In Two Creations.
I Strain To Reach The Separation Tools,
To Be Again The One That I Was)

Into Th
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Taken from the album  by Meshuggah
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