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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'm The Concrete Leper Sickness Repulsion
Embodied But Hear The Sermon Escaping My Vermin Mouth
You Might Even Stay With Me
In The Dirt I'm Soaked In Putrid Sewage
Risen From Empty Words To You
A Legion Of Nausea
I'm Your Sins
I'm Your Crown Of Thorns
I've Seen The Blood Of Generations
The Ravenous Mouth Called System
We're All Shaped By Vulgar Hands The Grip Of Hate And Lies
The Sustenance To Our Bellicose Ways An Ignorance
Almost Justified As The Gap Of Humanity Fraction Grows
The Skull Of Life Lobotomized
Hear Me I'm Ignominy
There's No Renaissance In Bleeding No
I've Flown A Million Minds Black In Despair
The Liquids Of Uncertainty Spit Into Their Eyes
Our Flesh Embedded In Counters Of Iniquity
It Seems Like
We Are All Just Merchandise
Not Civilized No Words
We Adapt In Our Silence Paralyzed To Changes Erasing The Last Denial
Lines Attitudes Crucified Still
We're Going On Crawling Toward Submissive Suicide
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Taken from the album  by Meshuggah
  1. Thumbnail 5:18

    Meshuggah- Humiliative

    A kick ass song from the album Contradictions Collapse.

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  2. Thumbnail 5:18

    Meshuggah - Humiliative

    Humiliative Meshuggah I'm the concrete leper Sickness repulsion embodied But hear the sermon escaping my vermin mouth You might even stay with me...

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  3. Thumbnail 4:46

    Meshuggah - Humiliative (live, corrected sync)

    I've edited out unnecesary parts and corrected audio sync, now should look nice. For meshuggistically impaired - this is song from "None" Album, ...

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    Meshuggah (Alive) [20]. Humiliative (Montreal)

    Meshuggah - Alive [01]. Begin [02]. Perpetual Black Second (Tokyo) [03]. Twenty Two Hours [04]. Pravus (Tokyo) [05]. Dissemination [06]. Bleed (N...

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    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Humiliative Meshuggah None (EP) ? 1994 Nuclear Blast GmbH Composer: F.Thordendal Composer: J.Kidman ....

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    MESHUGGAH - Humiliative - Drum Cover

    Quite possibly my favorite song of theirs. I wish this sound stuck around for longer than it did. Heavy as balls. As you may know, this has been ...

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    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Humiliative Meshuggah Contradictions Collapse Classic Series ? 1998 Nuclear Blast GmbH Composer: ...

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  8. Thumbnail 5:18

    Meshuggah- Humiliative

    From Meshuggah's 1994 EP "None". This song is a copyright of Meshuggah & I don't own it in any way, shape, or form. Lyrics:

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  9. Thumbnail 5:26

    Meshuggah - Humiliative | Guitar Cover by Tyler Nassiri

    I'm using two different distortion chains panned left and right in this video. To this day I still can't believe that Meshuggah sounded like this...

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