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Track:Another Story To Tell
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Yo, since I been in this game, yo
Alot of funny shit that happend with these hoes, man
And this shit I'm 'bout to tell you Myse
Is a true story, Puff know the bitch, Uh, Yo

You know I don't wanna come across foul
I'm only telling you about my lifestyle
I had a girl named Kate I date in Georgia State
Girl named Samantha I met in Clark, Atlanta
I even knew these girls named Laura and Yvette
Switched up giving me head in Georgia Tech
Now flip the script, mess with girls that strip
Give 'em tips just so I can feel I'm they "his"
They like, Mase I like your eyes and I love your lips
I'm like, that ain't enough to make you sit in the six
She said Mase, lot of things I wanna teach you 'bout
If I tell you my past, it'll freak you out
Save your dough, you know I wanna treat you out
Fuck sucking your dick, I wanna eat you out
I'm like whoa now, slow down
You remind of these young chickens I knew from uptown
Got a butt like this girl that worked in Motown
So if we ain't gonna fuck then where we go now
I don't move too fast, you move too slow
You wasn't saying this just a moment ago
You was sitting at the bar just spending my dough
You owe me something bitch, you gon' blow me or something
She said this thing you need to know before we fuck
I ain't like all these other sluts
And if I told you I was a virgin you wouldn't believe me
I know getting pussy for you is easy
You hit every bitch from Antee to a Tuskeegee
Plus you know I know your girlfriend KiKi
And for a moment honey tried to freak me
But being the man I am I'm still in pimp mode
Could tell she was Harlem 'cause I seen her zip code
And then she started showing me pict
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Taken from the album  by Ma$e
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