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Artist:Lost Boyz
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:It's LB Fam, right or wrong
You really thought that we was gone? (2X)

[Mr. Cheeks]
My lifestyles about trees, stay jiggy on the scene
Pocket full of green, push a whip, that's me
No need for me to floss, I keep my shit up on the low
A pair a timbs, some hards and a niggas good to go
I let my wifey shine, she's representin me
We got a baby girl, it's something she's meant to see
I'm livin life, day to day, bullets richochet
Inside my lab is where me and my weed and my liquor stay

[Freaky Tah]
Cat's set it off
Thinkin about it
Know LB's far from soft
And we don't take no lost, in the game
Told them niggas, they...

[Mr. Cheeks]
Aiyo we stay hibernatin waitin to get them off
Sit back and watch them fall, let the weed hit them off
In cause, you haven't noticed, my team is off the meters
In ceelo, not craps, and we on the rap repeaters
And if you feel you can defeate us, meet us in the center
Somebody's gettin slayed, don't be afraid to enter
Bring it to the worst, I bring it to the best
But that be dead, frontin here's something for ya chest

Chorus 2X:
It's LB Fam, right or wrong
We bring the thunder and the storm
You really thought that we were gone?
Aiyo it's time to get it on

[Mr. Cheeks]
I bring my skills to any session
Aiyo who feels that they the best?
Somethin we don't claim, but yet this game we rule finesse
Once I spit that ill shit, that leaks from the brain
You will understand why the fam cause me rain
Always hit you with that hot shit
Right where you want it
You know me and my team, up in the block we gettin blunted
Countin cheddar up, always smoke that weed
Got my chick ready to roll up, cuz
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