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Track:Its The Weekend
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Rock wit me now
Dance wit me now
Move wit me now
It's the weekend

[Lil' J]
Aiiyo I heard the party packed from the front to the back
We gon' tear the roof off, make the floor collapse
Jump out the Porsche, candy-gloss, hunchback
Slid right in, gave security dap,
they know who I be Don' need no ID,
I'm either on the dance floor, or VIP
I stack that cheese, at club 112 lurkin',
sippin' on virgin daquiris
That's me, J I'm the one,
besides lookin' quiet Why don' you slide here hun,
let your hair down Lets have some fun,
it's the weekend, and the party just begun

To the windows, to the walls
The club is packed so that's all
See my girls and all my doggs
Won't leave till the window's fog
It's the weekend, what you doin'
Get out the house, wanna see you movin'
Gotta get your money right cuz it's on tonight
Yeah it's the weekend baby

[Lil' J]
Aiiyo Jermaine you should see the way I'm gamin' these dames
I'ma soldier, my boy, six Rovers stay in your lane
Chicks get whippa peeled how I grip the wheel
So fast get whiplash, when the wheels peel
I'm so ghetto but the broads still love me
I never fall off my game never rusty,
J make the girls stop and stare
The way the chains swing back and forth like a rockin' chair
It's hot in here, why does the jungle, why does the rumbles in the tunnel
Let's pop in here, from 80 to Club Centuries, to the good bar
Everybody know Lil' J the Hollywood star

To the windows, to the walls
The club is packed so that's all
See my girls and all my doggs
Won't leave t
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