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Artist:K-Ci And Jojo
Track:Never Say Never Again
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:K Ci:
I got sumthin to tell y'all today
Some o' y'all might not like it
but then again somebody out there might just will
Lemme take my time and tell you baby
I feel good about tellin y'all about this
Can I get a witness yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

Ever since I was a baby boy
I played with ladies like my toys
Always said I'd never fall in love
Don't wanna care about a woman that much
Never thought I would find a girl
Who would change my attitude
now my heart doesn't care
Went outta my mind
As fast as it would come to you
Baby, you're the reason why

I won't never say never again
I won't never say never again
I won't never say never
Cuz lovin you baby
has taught me a lesson, no
I won't never say never again
JoJo sing it

Ooooohhh, you got me goin
deeper'n deeper, deeper'n deeper
I just wanna get a little deeper with you baby
Oooh, don't stop
Let's go all the way, let's go all the way
I wanna get a little deep inside of you
I wanna show you that it's real
Baby how I feel
I can't get you outta my mind


Never(I never, never, never, never)
Never(I won't do it no more baby)
Never(yeah yeah yeah)
Never Say Never Again
Never(can I get a witness tonight)

JoJo: Baby I'm so into you
and I don't know what I'm gonna do
If i don't have you in my life

K-Ci: I won't never baby

JoJo: I love you, I won't never say it never

K-Ci: Somebody out there know what we're talkin about
I would never

JoJo: Go tell them K-Ci, go tell them K-Ci

K-Ci: Mamma told me
She said K-Ci - a lady should always be your precious gift
But I didn't listen to Mama, I didn't listen to Mama, no
Mama'm sorry, Mama i'm sorry
Mama I'm sorry
I love my Mama, I love my Mama, I love my Mama

Shhhh....ooh baby, ooh baby
about all the things I done to you
I'm so sorry baby
ooh yeah
JoJo help me sing it boy

JoJo: Never, never never never never....
will i say never again
ooh hoo..babe
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Taken from the album  by K-Ci And Jojo
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