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Viewing Lyrics for Old Fashioned Wedding An 1966:

Artist:Irving Berlin
Album:Annie Get Your Gun Sheet Music
Track:Old Fashioned Wedding An 1966
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Interpolated in 1966 revival]

We'll have an old-fashioned wedding
Blessed in the good old-fashioned way

I'll vow to love you forever
You'll vow to love and honor and obey

Somewhere in some little chapel
Someday when orange blossoms bloom

We'll have an old-fashioned wedding
A simple wedding for an old-fashioned bride and groom

I wanna wedding in a big church with bridesmaids and flower girls
A lot of ushers in tailcoats, reporters and photographers

A ceremony by a bishop who will tie the knot and say
"Do you agree to love and honor?" Love and honor, yes, but not obey

I wanna wedding ring surrounded by diamonds in platinum
A big reception at the Waldorf with champagne and caviar

I wanna wedding like the Vanderbilts have, ev'rything big, not small
If I can't have that kind of a wedding I don't wanna get married at all


We'll have an old-fashioned wedding

If it's not a big wedding I don't wanna get married at all
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