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Viewing Lyrics for Left Me A Fool:

Artist:Indigo Girls
Track:Left Me A Fool
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Author: Indigo Girls
Album title: Strange Fire

Left Me a Fool
---- -- - ----

everybody loves you, and they want to know your
story, you go riding out a mystery, concealed in all
your glory, but when it comes to flesh and bones,
you remind me of shallot, only made of shadows, even
though you're not. i remember how i spend all my
energy and time with affected conversation, trying to
pry inside your mind, you are as beautiful as truth,
and as empty as a shell, and i came to you one night,
and it made me feel like hell.
chorus: oh, to reach through all your surface, just to
find an empty pool, and to suffer all your
pride, as i lay down by your side, and you
swallowed up my heart and left me a fool, left
me a fool.

everybody loves a hero, an image to create, antithesis
of everything inside ourselves we hate, but you'd
better close your eyes when it's time for them to die,
because you'd hate to think the life you'd built upon
them was a lie.


i resign myself to silence, i will never blow your cover,
no one ever has to know who the hero took for lover,
but it has come to mind as you blaze on as brilliant as a
star, how many you've left behind, how many
casualties there are.


Originally submitted by ?
Reformatted and extracted to a single lyric file by Doug Henkle
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