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Viewing Lyrics for Beauty To Disaster:

Artist:Indigo Girls
Track:Beauty To Disaster
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Beauty to Disaster" is a song that Amy Ray did solo, and very
rarely. On the only performance that I'm aware of (Chapel Hill, NC,
on 26 April 1988) she intruduced it as "an obscure tune" that she'd
only done once in her life. In fact, her comments lead me to believe
that she may not have written it, but nobody I know knows who did.
If ANYONE out there knows, please tell me about it.

Beauty to Disaster.

I cried the night you left me
I never cried so hard
I never felt so helpless
Except the night that we made love

From beauty to disaster
I held you in my arms
Long enough to reach around you
To keep my fingers warm

Through egos, bars, and pills
You kept me in my place
You saved me from this spotlight
Well, I guess I'm living in disgrace

From beauty to disaster
I held you in my arms
Long enough to reach around you
To keep my fingers warm

I wonder, how is California?
Is it the blonde-haired, blue-eyed life?
Is it okay for me to ask you
Do you have a husband or a wife?

From beauty to disaster
I never cried so hard
I never felt so helpless
I cried with all my might
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