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Artist:If Hope Dies
Track:So It Goes
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
is a call
to notice that
which has gone unnoticed
that all of us
are walking wounded
bearing hidden scars
and subtle bruises
the casualties of a war
inside our hearts

we submit ourselves
to abstract forces
ruled by the concept
that living is surviving

we are suffocating on
our own tangled aspirations

mired down

by the restraints
forced on us
the fear and doubt
that serves to crush

we can no longer take satisfaction
in our suffering

now is the time to arm ourselves
with the knowledge
that we can achieve
a state of independance
one of personal anarchy

we can end this war

see past the darkened veil
pulled over our eyes
we will make the world at large
recognize our cries

i will dedicate myself
to reclaiming the disputed
landscape of my soul

i will repel each
incursion visited upon my spirit
cast light upon
the insidious decay of volition

surely, i do protest
let this be a message
that here i stand
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