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Viewing Lyrics for A Prayer To Afflict The Comfortable:

Artist:If Hope Dies
Track:A Prayer To Afflict The Comfortable
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:it's so much easier
to avert our eyes
from all the suffering
and injustices
that permeate our lives
to be in the midst of
sickness and pain
and always keep our
eyes fixed ahead
can only be explained
away by killing
your conscience
because we all know
that what we can't see
is of no consequence

there is some truth to the doctrine
that ignorance is no excuse
by knowing nothing you are
a silent partner in their abuse

so just close your eyes,
so you don't have to see
suffering out of sight,
is more action out of mind

knowing what i know
about man's inhumanity to man
i could only hate myself
if i left these words unsaid
don't be paralyzed by
you're partnership in these crimes
we have the chance to redeem
ourselves for those who've died

to ignore all the signs
that man is so unkind
and partake in this culture of death
makes all who don't acknowledge
just as guilty

there's still so much to fight for
even though this world
seems rotten to it's core
i know that life can spring anew
from it's remains
it's worth all we can do
to see it through
to better days
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