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Viewing Lyrics for (Up On) Cherry Blossom Hill:

Track:(Up On) Cherry Blossom Hill
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Now the summers come and gone.
I Feel September comin' on.
Your still burning on my skin.
Lord I want though, sweet rain drops to begin.
Cool this fever and keep home, Up on Chery Blossom Road.

Now your as mean as I am good.
And I'd stop comin' here if I could.
You laugh at all my school girl fears...
and you tell me 'when you want me little girl I'll be here'.
I'd trade my body for my soul.
Up on Cherry Blossom Road. ooooh, yea.

So blow cruel wind.
Take me back to his door, he'll take me in.
I walk away a woman.(walk away)
I walk away a woman.(walk away)
walk away(walk away)

In my virgin bed alone.
Like a hostage to the phone,
I know that he ain't far away.
And I know that Lord he don't feel this kind of pain.
I hate him, lord I want him so.
Up on Cherry Blossom Road. Oh Ya!

So Blow cruel wind. Take me back to his door.
He'll take me in, I walk away a women(walk away).
walk away, walk away, walk away....
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