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Track:Future Is Mayhem
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Perpetual ceremony
Emerged from the shadow of stars,
Unbridled force of the nameless
Devouring astral lights
Nothing is sacred, nothing is useless
When face Mother of Time
The inevitable is her domain
Inside which everything is lost

She's a guard of transcendent laws carved in eternal fire in the beginning of things
No heredity belongs to her roots, her every breath fluctuates the time

Perpetual endless flight towards eternity
Lividity from the stars - fed on astral lights
Chaotic is her nature - dynamic tangle of winds
Forever transcendent - born from the elements
Future is mayhem!!!

The fate interdependence
Is the strongest driving force
Of everlasting crucifixion
Through anguish and remorse
No thought, no incantation
Is mightier than her breed
In turbid pattern of the ages
Forever Hatred lives

Trapped in the spell with their eyes fixed on past
The name of the chaos is written inside
In the abyss they live burning skin stigmatised
Archaic descent from the universe's depth

Rebellious angels stigmatised
Yearning for a holy sacrifice
They are living on the eternal flame
Unmasked divinity - Chaos is the name
Forgotten and mystified ones
Die for them!!!
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