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Viewing Lyrics for Fabulous (3:10):

Artist:Happy Head
Track:Fabulous (3:10)
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:(David Barratt/Carl L. Marsh)

(eat this!)

burn down the store
take what you want and more
shop until you drop
voodoo consumer never stop
load up on supplies
no sale no compromise
gun crazy down the mall
voodoo consumer take it all

(eat this! drink this! try this! charge it!)

it's fabulous
step right up and take it
it's fabulous
if you can't afford it fake it
be deviously dangerous
ridiculously cool let's make it
fabulous fabulous
fabulous fabulous

drive me to the bank
kneel down and give me thanks
grab your credit card
voodoo consumer kiss me hard

take it all too far
sell the company car
a bargain but too late
voodoo consumer terminate

eat this drink this drive this buy this
wear this fly this play this charge it

be deviously dangerous
ridiculously marvelous
meticulously treacherous
de sade-uously cruel just make it

fabulous fabulous
fabulous fabulous
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Taken from the album  by Happy Head
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