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Artist:Hall Kristen
Track:Heaven Knows
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:I have given, I have given
And got none.
Still I'm driven by something I can't explain
It's not a cross, it is a choice
I cannot help but to hear his voice
I only wish that I could listen without shame
Let it rain
Let it rain on me
Let it rain, oh let it rain
Let it rain on me
I have been a witness to a perfect crime
I wipe the grin off of my face to hide the blame
It isn't worth the tears you cry to have a perfect alibi
Now I'm beaten at the hand of my own game
It isn't easy ot be kinda
With all these demons in my mind
I only hope one day I'll come clean
Let it rain
let it rain on me
Let it rain, oh let it rain
Let it rain on me
Come take my hand
We can walk in to the light
And without fear
We can see through the darkest night
CHORUS repeat
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