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Viewing Lyrics for Empty Promises:

Artist:Hall Kristen
Album:Fact And Fiction
Track:Empty Promises
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:bye bye hope you never find me your eyes always will remind me like the car
in my backyard the box i never built fixing up just seems so hard the
neglecting of my guilt so long hope i never see you i'm strong but i could
never free you if i tried with all my might if i never shed a tear i'd be
quivering with fright wishing i could disappear i'm weighing the fact and
fiction diluting the truth with diction and empty promises bye bye put the
wind beneath your heels your eyes know exactly how i feel like the
prosecutors knives a virus that's contained like a cat with no more lives
just a memory remains

(John Ashton/guitar, Dave Franklin/bass, Simone Simonton/drums)
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Taken from the album  by Hall Kristen
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