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Viewing Lyrics for Theres The Door:

Artist:George Jones
Track:Theres The Door
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I wandered in around midnight
Like I've done so many times
She was sittin' at the table
There were no tears in her eyes
It seemed so much unlike her
To be so much at ease
She took a sip of coffee
And softly said to me

"There's the mantle where
We keep our wedding picture
There's the bedroom where
We make both love and war
And there's the ring that keeps
On slipping off your finger
There's no reason we should go on
Anymore and there's the door"

So I'm back here on this bar stool,
My whole world gone to hel
Behind the bottles there's a mirror
Where a fool can see himself
If I was the man I should be
And not the one I am
I would go back there this minute
And beg for one more chance

There's the jukebox
Where I wasted all those quarters
Oh, there's a lady trying to
Get me out on the floor
And there's a chance the one I love
Would still forgive me
It's a step that I just never took before
There's the door

There's the door...
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Taken from the album  by George Jones
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