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Viewing Lyrics for Cant Stop The Shining (Rip Rock Pt. 2):

Track:Cant Stop The Shining (Rip Rock Pt. 2)
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:(Lenny Kravitz on heavy metal guitar riffs)

[Free - Verse One]
Your minutemen don't stand a chance inside mi casa
Even with viagra disband god no may I say nada
I used to be naive and dress fresh when I was small
Now I line these niggas up against the wall and grab they balls!
I like to hear the tone of their voice when it's high pitch!
It's the only way to seperate the mens from the bitch!
The loyal from the snitch, I dig a ditch when they twitch!
Bring 'em to their knees no higher than my hem stitch
You trying to verbal me you bound to end up voice lift!
You wanna change your plea but now your ass is choiceless
I illuminate the atmosphere a million watts strong
Before Free like BC your night was weeks long
You can't stop my shine, my state of being's too sublime
Too refined, too ?significant? to be defined
I've got a round and automatic for you mortals out of line
See I'm your worst nightmare, I'm striking in the daytime! What?!

You Can't Stop The Shining
You wanna stop the shining?
Can't Stop The Shining
You Can't Stop The Shining

[Pras - Verse Two]
Hey yo, My subject matters travels in three different states
Gas, liquid, solid-Decelerate your heart rate
I duplicate the sound god makes when he farts in space
Make you say (indecipherable)
Them cats say I'm wicked
The way I just kick it
The man for the 150, too scientific
For you to come and get it
Won't you just quit it?
Stop all the gimmick, bust it!
Hey yo, peep it!
Suck the blood out of you diagnose you an enemic
Hundred miles runnin', hundred shots gunnin'
Ha I just got your catch, yeah you can keep runnin'
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