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Viewing Lyrics for Cut to Fit:

Artist:Falling Sickness
Track:Cut to Fit
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:this cut to fitness
so-called legitness
is senseless and yes full of shit
spare me your self-awareness
I could care less about
counter culture bullshit and fashion cliques
I ain't cut to fit
no I ain't cut to fit
fuck you and your teenage trip
cause I ain't cut to fit
this sudden explosion
of underground hypeness
makes me laugh and piss on a rolling stone
it's just another scheme
to prove another point
that I made sense all this time, alone
I ain't cut to fit
no I ain't cut to fit
fuck you and your race to be hip
I ain't cut to fit
too bad to fit in is what your seekin
to obad you're only punk on the weekend
you spend all your time so hard tryin
to fit into the fashion show that
you've been buyin
I'm not gonna fall for the hype
I'm gonna last longer than a year or two
I'm gonna dream, I'm gonna fight
cause I'm not cut to fit like you
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