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Viewing Lyrics for Seein Stars:

Artist:Falling Sickness
Track:Seein Stars
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:don't let it get to your head
when the girls start screamin
and everyone is now your best friend
cause the stagelights won't be flashin
when you come crashin
down on your knees again
don't let it get to your head
nobody cares about your bad ass
just think about the days it didn't matter
now you need everyone's support
to fuel your lame
ego-boost disaster
now you're too cool to talk to
big headed cock star---Fuck you
you're seein stars in your eyes again
it's the battle of the bands
and you gotta win
you're seein stars in your eyes again
it's the battle of the bands
and you gotta fuckin win
don't let it get to you head
cause your missin the whole point
this ain't a contest of popularity
th adulation that your seekin
won't last forever and you'll soon be
old and jaded and full of shit
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