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Viewing Lyrics for FLORIDA ROOM:

Artist:Fagen Donald
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Start on Key Plantain
Walk a tropical mile
You'll see a house
In the Spanish style
There's a room in back
With a view of the sea
Where she sits and dreams
Does she dream of me

When summer's gone
I get ready
To make that Carribee run
I've got to have
Some time in the sun

When the cold wind comes
I go where the dahlias bloom
I keep drifting back
To your Florida room

She's dressed too warm
For this latitude
We go out to lunch
With some Jamaican dude
Then the sunshower breaks
We come in out of the rain
But in her Florida room
There's a hurricane

While the city freezes over
We'll be strollin' down the shore
Can she bring me back
To life once more


When summer's gone
I get ready
To make that Carribee run
I've got to have
Some time in the sun

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