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Track:Shady Records
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Let's get down to business
I ain't got no time to mess around what is this?

New shit coming through; I ain't got no time to mess around
We coming

I got 50 Cent I got G-Uni we up in this bitch
With Obie Trice
So watch what you say 'fore you call our names you say one more thing
It won't be nice

Here we go i should've known
That i would finally get pulled
Into some more shit sooner or later you little haters
Are too jealous of us to love us then Obie's coming
D12 is coming you're sick to your stomachs
50 percent of it's 50 Cent the other 50 percent of it's
Whose colour of skin it is
And before you even consider taking our label down
You better find our building and fly a fucking plane into it
But I ain't trying to get too intricate into it I'm just trying
To give you a little hint for your own benefit
Cuz then it's gonna get to the point where it is gonna escalade
Into some other shit then I'ma flip
Then I'ma get to stompin in my air force ones
You won't be able to tell if it's two pairs or one
It's gonna feel like so many feet kicking you
You'll think Nike just made these in a cleat tennis shoe
I don't know what it is or what it could be but
I get a woody when these pussies try to push me
Thinking they gon' put me in the position to pick at me
Y'all tickle me pink I think I'd just rather have Pink tickle me
Hickory dickory dock tickety tock tickety
A little bit of the dickety dock dickety
Mixed with a little bit of the jigga-j-jigga
With a small pinch of Biggie look at me I'm just the bomb

We the realest label
Don't try to act like you don't feel our label
Cuz we gon' fuck around and steal your label-a
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