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Viewing Lyrics for All My Life:

Artist:Echo & the Bunnymen
Album:Echo & the Bunnymen
Track:All My Life
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Oh how the times have changes us
Sure and now uncertain
Men not devils have claimed us
Purity deserting
God's one miracle
lost in circles

All my all my life
revolves around
laughter and crying
as my life turns
round and round

Cannon fire burning
on the hillside
You and I are side by side
Tin soldiers playing our tune

and round

Songs for life's lost lovers
bitter sweet their healing
Their prayers prayed under covers
need not kneeling
God's one miracle
moves in circles

(chorus x2)
and round
and round

Hearts of fire
hearts of bone
beating stronger
beating home
where there's wanting
there is need
where there's having
there is greed

I'm swimming out on a blue blue ocean
You're sailing out on a blue blue sea
Silhouettes and a vulture hoping
he's gonna pick the bones of you and me
You and me

I want the gold dust
in your fingers
and your Klondike touch
I want your goldmine
as it shimmers
in your solemn eyes

I'm swimming out on a blue blue ocean
You're sailing out on a blue blue sea
Silhouettes and a vulture hoping
licking the bones of you and me
I'm swimming out on a blue blue ocean
you're sailing out on a blue blue sea
Blue blue sea

I'm swimming out on the ocean
(Blue blue ocean)
you're sailing out on the sea
(Blue blue sea)
(x 4)

(repeat about 14 times) Blue blue ocean
Blue blue sea
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