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Album:Ain't A Thang
Track:Our Anthem
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:big pimp)
man nigga we is the e-thugs
check this shit out

yall muther-fuckers aint got shit on us
yall stupid busters aint got shit-shit on us
so if i was you you you
i would stop-stop talkin shit

(Herman thug)
man yall niggaz dont know the shit i gone threw
i smoke so much weed my throat aint a line longitude
nigga, i dont shit but shit shit shit
them hataz actin stupid so mother-fuckin
i bus yo ass like a flat ass
mutherfuckin bitch cum and suck my dick(my dick)
yo yo yo wassup my ho
i smoke like a fuckin chimney pipe
now aint that funny
like bugs bunny
i like to be the way is
so you can suck my dick

(Catalog Nigga)
my name is mutherfuckin what
thas right nigga say the shit like fuck
shit its like cum ya know
its comes outta these mutherfuckin hoes
my name is known
for sure
my nigger
did i just cuss
oh motherfuck
this shit sucks
oh motherfuck
i dont give a fuck
oh motherfuck
i like to cuss
oh motherFUCK

(chorus x4)

(big pimp)
i like girls
yes i do
they rock my world
and bitch so do you
suck my cock
you motherfuck
hataz aint got shit on this fuck
oh motherfucker
you play like jason tucker
shit in da head
and shit in da bed
i smoke weed
and nigga i always get em nose bleeds

(Tha Thug)
i is here
stupid ass queer
yes mama
lets fuck yo mama
fuck yo mama
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