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Viewing Lyrics for Permanent Broken Heart:

Album:Broken Toy Shop
Track:Permanent Broken Heart
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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I walked by your window
To see if you're home
The candle was burning
I could see you weren't alone
I shouldn't have gone by
But what could I do?
I've never known anyone
Who was quite like you

Life ain't very easy when you've got
A permanent broken heart

I walk down the dirty street
And see the old man
But now he seems different
I think I understand
Well maybe he had a love
And swore it was true
But then he blew it away
Just like I lost you


I'm looking out my window
There's not much of a view
And my hat is still quite blue

Maybe I'll move away
To some other town
And maybe I'll find that thing
I've never found

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