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Viewing Lyrics for Campione 2000:

Album:Various songs / Unsorted
Track:Campione 2000
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Cam-pi-o-ne, Cam-pi-o-ne
Cam-pi-o-ne, Cam-pi-o-ne

Here we go, Here we go

It's time to get together we're a dream team, folks
Steam all the way across the land.
We got ourselves a landslide coming up the gathering is here
And the reckoning is here take a stand

* There can be only one, there can be only one.
Well, there can be only one, there can be only one.

** Cam-pi-o-ne, Cam-pi-o-ne, Oh Oh Oh Oh
Cam-pi-o-ne, Cam-pi-o-ne, Oh Oh Oh Oh

No way can stop us now we're on the move
So here we go get on up you've got nowhere to hide
We're going all the way now full attack, no turning back
There is no second chance all aboard for the ride

[Repeat *, **]

There can be only one

[Repeat **]

Here we go...

[Cam-pi-o-ne, Cam-pi-o-ne, Oh Oh Oh Oh, there can be only one] x 4

[Repeat **] till fade
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No album artwork found
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