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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Like an animal
Senses fear
Chills up my spine
I know you're here
It's been so long
So what did you expect?
I know where you've been
And I disrespect
I feel sickened
I choke and spit up words
They all mean nothing
It's all absurd
Your body has been used up
Your mind has changed direction
I can't believe I touched you
I can't believe it
Inside I wish it wasn't true
It makes it hard to look at you
Ugly I feel
My body's inside you
Tongue in - tongue out
I can taste him on you
You're naked as a child
Your innocence is gone
Given away for nothing
And I hate what's left
Inside I wish it wasn't true
I makes it hard to look at you
I close my eyes - I close my mind
But it makes nothing go away
Look back in anger
Look back in pain
Look back in disrespect
It's you I can't respect
I look back in anger
And it's so hard to look back
I close my eyes - I close my mind
But it makes nothing go away
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Taken from the album  by Drown
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