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Viewing Lyrics for A Vision:

Artist:Dream Theater
Album:Majesty Demo
Track:A Vision
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:- kevin moore

A place within your eyes
Forever i wear
This second hand disguise
In time to find your world
This lifetime disappears
Yes we understand
In space but not in time
My guardian is here
I can't understand
Imagine wanting nothing more
The angel you've been sending for
Now just don't turn away...
Reaching in and finding out
A vision
I must capture it somehow
The first light
That cast a spell to later cry
Will always remain
This force of life
It's power in a look of fire
Was calling your name
Don't you feel it?
Yes, believe it
It's time to set emotions straight
This space is wasting a dream
And it can't wait
Here i am
Cross this bridge and come my way
The answer to a prayer
A light for us to share
In all our glory
We will hold our lives as one
And i will carry you
Until our kingdom come
Can't you hear me?
Is why the spirit falls below
One to one
Is all the faith one needs to grow
This tension i feel
Is it really fair?
One of you will have to leave here
These words will break the line
That ties our worlds together
And i will never go
Remember having dreams to share?
We've been taught to hide our fear
But now you can't turn away...
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