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Album:Music to Cash Cars to
Track:We Will Destroy
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Today, I couldn't help myself
Killed a man for what he saw
Let go and bled straight from my eyes
Past caring anymore

Broken skin, I taste the blood of you
Running naked doesn't bother us
Tolerance is shot to hell and through
Cuts and bruises in the dust

We will destroy
Every girl and every boy
We will destroy
You know that's what you're there for
We will destroy
The innocent, the guilty, the strong and the small
We will destroy
You made us and you hate us and you're begging for more

Burning comes and I can't control myself
Fill my vision with knives
Cut loose and rabid, my pain is a scythe
I don't want my life

Your hatred is pure as ice
Split the iris, I won't believe
Space invaders, conditioned Christ
The virus and the apathy, the same disease
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