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Viewing Lyrics for Dig It (60 Seconds):

Track:Dig It (60 Seconds)
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Dig it up, oh oh, dig it
dig it up, oh oh, OH
dig it up, oh oh, dig it
dig it up, oh oh, OH

Two suits two tokens in hand,
i got no respect cause i'm the new man
got my shovel, shoes full of sand,
check out the tag, the names caveman, uh
na na na na nana nana, na na na na oh!

A-R-M-P-I to the T,
what is that you smellin dog,
thats me,
i dont take showers and i dont brush my teeth
thats all i do is dig holes, eat and sleep

There is no late, there is no shade
there is no place to hide so just sit and wait to fry

You got to go dig those holes
(x2...while zero is saying, wake up to the mornin
before the sun)

Wake up to the mornin, before the sun
keeps diggin that hole to the day and dawn(x2...and fades)
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