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Artist:Dark Lotus
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:[Monoxide Child]
I'm all in the dark now
So dance with dead I can't do shit
I'm fallin' apart now
Been rottin' away in the grave since '96
I hope I'm not forgotten
Even though my body's gone
And when I'm on the bottom
Bury me with a Lotus cross
Don't nobody love me
Don't noone know the way that I feel
I'm feeling so ugly
And so I keep my casket sealed
My sprit lingers like a ghost
On the so called Earth
I'm underground, I'm a monster
Who lives in the dirt

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Understand, certain motherfuckers jump to life
When certain concotions dumped down their windpipe
In the stomach, through the blood
And up to the dome piece
Pass out, wake up
Snappin' all necks within arms reach
I need another fixin', Southwest Delray
Green glowin' toxic bourbon
Lord have mer-say-a (Mercy)
Having to be an addict
In my nugget but I love it
And I can't seem to get enough of this shit
So fuck it

Rotting souls
Let them die
Rotting souls
Let them die
And we don't need life
Rotting souls
Let them die
Rotting souls
Let them die
And we don't need life

[Anybody Killa]
Corrosion keeps creepin'
Don't let it wash you away
Scratching on the surface
Hopin' that them scars will fade
It's like I'm being eaten from the inside
And don't know why
I keep fogettin' what I'm doin'
Am I still alive?
Will I breath again?
And if I do
I'll take a breath and hold it in
Grab on tight to what I have
The chase away this life of sin
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Taken from the album  by Dark Lotus
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    The first addition to my collection in 2014, Dark Lotus' 2004 release "Black Rain"! Don't forget to like and subscribe! MMFWCL!

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    never use stupeflix cuz if ya broke you cant post a video over a minute long.....bull shit.

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